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al019.gifThe Yankee farmer was being examined by the doctors preparatory to taking out an insurance policy. "Ever had a serious illness?" asked the examiner. "No," was the reply. "Ever had an accident?" "No."  "Never had a single accident in your life?"  "Well, no, I ain't . But last spring when I was out in the meadow, a bull tossed me over a fence."  "Well, don't you call that an accident?" "No, I don't. That damn bull did it on purpose."   It depends on you how you look at life; it totally depends on you. You are the creator of your life. It can have tremendous meaning, beauty, joy -- but you will have to create it in your heart, and you will have to spread it all over the place. You will have to create something in yourself, only then will you find it in existence. Existence echoes you....

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Written by Peter Ecob  
caraccident.jpgSo how does this affect you? While insurance companies have indicated a commitment to tackling the issue the fact remains that the problem costs them around £4million a day. This loss has to be recouped in some way and in many instances is passed onto the consumer. You are effectively paying for the fraudulent actions of other people; on average the impact of fraudulent claims adds around £40 onto your insurance premiums.
Written by Adam Singleton   
girl_paper.jpg Originally devised as a tax on the super-rich, inheritance tax (IHT) is threatening more and more ordinary households. Indeed, over the last five years the estimated revenue from this tax has increased by 50% to annually yield £3billion into the HM Revenue & Customs coffers. It seems that in the future death will no longer be a valid reason to not pay tax for the majority of us.
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