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hal15.gifThe insurance salesmen used to say to people, 'If you die tomorrow, what will happen to your family? Have you thought about it?' Now insurance companies teach their salesmen never to say this. They have changed it and they found a more cunning way. They say, 'If you had died yesterday, have you ever thought what would have happened to your family Today?'. 'Yesterday? How can one die? I am alive!' But the message is conveyed and he does not take any antagonistic attitude. And the insurance companies are right -- people are very much afraid of death... just the very idea and they start trembling. Nothing dies -- nothing can die. In the very nature of things death is impossible. Things only change form. The journey is eternal.
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Written  by Michael Challiner
Whilst the life insurance premiums for non-smokers have been steadily reducing, smoker’s premiums have moved away in the opposite direction. This has resulted in rates for smokers which are 100% or more above standard rates and still climbing. This, on top of the cost of the cigarettes (currently estimated to be approaching £100,000 in a lifetime and still climbing) means that anyone who still smokes must be very determined not to curtail their enjoyment.
Written by Bill Broich  
Annuities have been with us for a very long time. The last of these annuities lasted until 1991 when the City of Boston finally cashed it in.
Benjamin Franklin did not invent annuities although he was a great supporter of their benefits. Actually one of the first users of annuities was the Presbyterian Church. The Presbyterian Church used annuities to provide for old age ministers and their families way back in 1720 and became a backbone of financial security for people of that time.
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