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treno007.gifHaving come from a small village, Giovanni had never been a train in his life. So one day he decided to go and see one. Standing on the rail he heard the train whistle, "Tooo-tooo!" Before he knew what hit him, the train was upon him and knocked him off the rail. The last thing he could remember was flying through the air. When he gained consciousness, Giovanni found himself laid up in the hospital for several months. During this time his wife used their accident insurance money to buy a well-equipped, modern flat in the city. Once fully recovered, Giovanni went to his new home. His wife made a cake to celebrate his recovery and put the new kettle on the stove to make some coffee to go with the cake. As the water boiled, the kettle whispered, "Tooo-tooo!" Startled, Giovanni jumped up, rushed to the kitchen, grabbed the new kettle and smashed it on the floor, kicking it several times. "What the hell are you doing?" cried out his wife. "These things!" shouted Giovanni, "You've got to kill them while they're young!"

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Written  by Martin McAllister
Norwich Union claims that, while 2005's figures were down from that of 2004, the firm still had to reject one in ten life insurance claims due to non-disclosure by consumers. According to Tony Jupp, chief underwriter at Norwich Union:
"It is vital that people take a deal of care and attention when completing these forms as the information they provide will form the basis of any life policy that they are offered. If applicants don't share with their insurer information that is requested, it is likely that they will have invalidated their policy and if they make a claim, it might be turned down."
He added that such situations would make it more difficult to obtain life insurance cover from an alternative insurance company.
Written by Joel Ohman 
Cheap term life insurance is not an oxymoron. In the past 5-10 years term life insurance rates have dropped dramatically. Why is this?
It is well documented that the price transparency that the Internet brings in allowing consumers to view competing companies prices has dramatically decreased the cost of term life insurance rates over the past 10 years. According to Kerry Hannon in the July 5, 1999 issue of Business Week, “What costs less than half what it did two years ago?. Term life insurance. Term - insurance buyers have been enjoying some of the lowest rates in history thanks to increased competition and the ability to buy policies over the Internet or the phone without going through an agent.”  
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