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spo181.gif"Mommy! Mommy!" cries Little Albert. "Can I go into the sea?" "No, not today, Albert," replies his mother--"maybe tomorrow. The sea is far too rough and choppy now -- it is too dangerous." "But mom," cries Little Albert, "daddy is in the sea swimming."  "I know, dear," says his mother, "but daddy has got lots of life insurance!"

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Written by Natalie Aranda   
tornado.gifIn the 1980's during the AIDS epidemic, in order to pay for medical treatment, many AIDS patients used all of their cash reserves, and then some. The only thing many patients had left worth anything was the life insurance policy that they held. During this time of need, a small group of investors understood that it made practical investment sense to purchase these insurance policies. As an example, if someone had a $600,000 policy they wanted to sell for $300,000 and their life expectancy was a year, this makes for a smart investment for anyone with to money to buy it.
Written by Elizabeth
girl_paper.jpgResearch has clearly shown that 90 per cent of the car accidents that happen can be avoided. One just needs to know where to be extra careful.
Intersection errors for instance are one of the most common causes of automobile accidents. It accounts for over 65% of urban accidents, which occur at intersections.
Inattention and loss of concentration is yet another common cause of car accidents.
Vehicle malfunction also contributes to accidents. It is prudent to have regular checkups, especially of brakes, tires and wiper fluid.
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