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amor075.gifHerbert Hoop reaches the age of thirty-two and decides to take out a life-insurance policy. He goes along to the Ripoff Insurance Agency and is shown into the doctor's office for a complete physical examination. After a thorough check-up, the doctor tells Herbert to get dressed. "All the tests came out fine," says Doctor Bandaid. "But if you don't mind me making a personal observation, you have absolutely the smallest prick I have ever seen. Do you have any problems with it?" "Well," says Herbert, "I have been married for ten years and we have two lovely kids and a good sex life. The only problem I have with my prick is that I have difficulty finding it in the daytime."  "Really?" says Bandaid. "And what about at night?" "That is no problem," replies Herbert. "Then there's two of us looking for it."

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Written by Michael
The Government predicts that by 2025, obesity rates in children will be a frightening statistic. It is thought that around 33% of girls and 25% of boys will be clinically obese. This means overweight to the extent that their health will be likely to suffer.
The rate at which UK children are getting fat is the worst in the world. There are experts that believe that the UK will top the tables as the most obese country, overtaking the USA. 
Obesity and conditions related to this condition are costing the country £4billion in working days lost. Disability pay and lost tax payments through being unable to work are believed to be costing up to £20billion per annum.
Written by Ivon T. Hughes
"I don't believe anybody thinks about not being able to meet expenses," said John Henry, a 38 year old office worker who was unable to work for two months due to a back surgery. "I was in great health before the operation."
Henry spent two weeks in hospital and, unable to walk without assistance, had to go to a rehabilitation hospital. Even after all this care, he was unable to return to work.
The reality is that Canadians have a one in three chance of needing disability insurance for at least 90 days, if not more, some time before they retire.
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