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amor075.gifHerbert Hoop reaches the age of thirty-two and decides to take out a life-insurance policy. He goes along to the Ripoff Insurance Agency and is shown into the doctor's office for a complete physical examination. After a thorough check-up, the doctor tells Herbert to get dressed. "All the tests came out fine," says Doctor Bandaid. "But if you don't mind me making a personal observation, you have absolutely the smallest prick I have ever seen. Do you have any problems with it?" "Well," says Herbert, "I have been married for ten years and we have two lovely kids and a good sex life. The only problem I have with my prick is that I have difficulty finding it in the daytime."  "Really?" says Bandaid. "And what about at night?" "That is no problem," replies Herbert. "Then there's two of us looking for it."

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Written by Mike Armstrong   
accident.gifAccording to Coronary Heart Disease Statistics (British Heart Foundation 1997), in the year 1982 about 50 out of 10,000 men of all ages contracted heart attack. Based upon a population of 10,000, about 10 men aged between 15-44, around 110 aged between 45-64 , approximately 200 aged between 65-74 and nearly 225 aged 75 or more all suffered from the same critical illness.
Written by Michael Challiner   
girl_paper.jpgAs a nation, we are getting bigger. By 2025, according to the latest government statistics, around 33% of girls and 25% of boys will be classifiable as clinically obese. In fact the rate at which UK children are getting fatter is set to increase, becoming the worst in the world even above the USA.
An estimated £4 billion a year is lost through obesity and related conditions through time off work. Add in disability pay and lost taxes, and the figure is said to top £20 billion.
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