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hal15.gifThe insurance salesmen used to say to people, 'If you die tomorrow, what will happen to your family? Have you thought about it?' Now insurance companies teach their salesmen never to say this. They have changed it and they found a more cunning way. They say, 'If you had died yesterday, have you ever thought what would have happened to your family Today?'. 'Yesterday? How can one die? I am alive!' But the message is conveyed and he does not take any antagonistic attitude. And the insurance companies are right -- people are very much afraid of death... just the very idea and they start trembling. Nothing dies -- nothing can die. In the very nature of things death is impossible. Things only change form. The journey is eternal.
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Written by Didier Moujaes
danger.gifAccording to the World Privacy Forum since 2002 it has received more than 20,000 complaints of Medical ID theft, in ever increasing annual numbers. The most obvious way that medical ID theft occurs is if someone simply steals your insurance card and begins using it to procure medical services.
Written by Dave Ramsey    
girl_paper.jpg Sadly, over 70% of the life insurance policies sold today are cash value policies. A cash value policy is an insurance product that packages insurance and savings together. Do not invest money in life insurance; the returns are horrible. Your insurance person will show you wonderful projections, but none of these policies perform as projected.
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