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alieni008.gifNo other insurance is needed; we are already insured. God is our insurance. We are not alien to existence, we are part of it. The existence is not indifferent to us; it cannot be. How the tree can be indifferent to a leaf? It will bring all kinds of nourishment to the leaf; the leaf belongs to it. But if the leaf has a mind it may become very anxious: it is too windy... who knows? And there seems to be no protection, and it is too hot. And what about tomorrow? Who is going to take care of me tomorrow? And that's what has happened to man: because of the mind man has created much unnecessary anxiety. And that anxiety has become a wall between man and God.

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carbaby.jpgSeptember 2006 will see the introduction of new laws regarding child restraints in cars. New legislation says:
Children aged three to 11 and under 135cm have to be seated in child seat or booster (designed to be used with an adult belt), suitable for their age and weight.
Children taller than 135cm (4ft 5ins) or aged 12 or over must wear an adult seat belt where one is fitted.
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girl_paper.jpg Health insurance went up 7.7 percent this year, thats twice the rate of inflation. Premiums have increased by 78 percent since the year 2000 compare that to salary increases of just 20 percent and the real picture starts to have an impact.
A recent Census reported that 1.3 million Americans where added to the ranks of the uninsured during 2005.
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