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spo105.gifThe companies that are called Life Insurance should really be called Death Insurance; in life there can be no insurance. Life is alive only because there is risk, danger -- that's why there is so much thrill. You ask 'Is it good to take risks?' If you want to be alive you have to take risks, and the more risks you take, the more alive you will be.

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Written  by Michael Challiner
pet2.jpgIt has been estimated that 40 per cent of the cost of owning a dog goes towards unexpected vet's visits and that only 12 per cent of the UK's 13 million dog owners insure their pets.
According to financial research company Defaqto, pet insurance can be a minefield for owners and its complexity is deterring consumers from taking out cover.
A cat typically lives for 14 to 15 years and its care can cost as much as £9,500 in its lifetime. A dog lives for around 13 years and costs between £500 to £1,000 a year on average.
Written by Allan    
girl_paper.jpg An insurance covering your trip is like a reliable travel companion. Availing this insurance means that you will be looked after appropriately during the tour.
Financial survey in UK states that almost 10% of all claims are fake. Taking this matter seriously, it becomes difficult for people to get their compensation exactly what they are promised by insurance company to be paid. Thus, it becomes very important for insurance buyers to take precautions at every step, from buying the insurance to making claims to be compensated.
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